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Number of Songs in Gold Room
floppy lips
Lips Angelo

Song Aging
Solo 1 by Rick
0   03/11/2018  

This graph shows which STracks (Song Tracks) got the most votes and who the players are. STracks can run out of time in the jam, and are removed when they are over 15 days old and did not meet their voting goals. A certain percentage of people must vote for STrack for it to move to the next stage. The voting goal for this jam is set by the following formula:

VoteTarget = round(NbrOfPlayersInQueue X MaxVoteValue X PercentageOfPeopleWhoMustVoteForATrackToWin).

For this jam, the numbers work out as

8 votes = 6 players X 5 X 0.28

The NbrOfCurrentPlayersInQueue consists of the number of players who have logged in within the last 7 days.

When voting, you can give someone an 'A', 'B', or 'C' for their effort. An 'A' turns into 5 points, 'B' turns into 4 points, 'C' into 3 points. So the maximum points you can give someone for a song is 1 vote or 5 points.

Comments are neutral. They neither add or subtract from someones score. They are not the same as 'flunking' someone. Therefore you can give as many of them out as you want. We encourage you go comment as much as possible since people love the feedback.

The colors in the graph make the aging process more easily visible. Gold songs have met their voting goals, basically, they went Gold and will be moved to the the Gold Room after 15 days. Blue songs have at least one vote but have less than 8 votes. They have not reached the 15 day voting period. Red songs are about to expire. The green songs don't have any votes yet. This graph uses Peer Votes only.
Backing Track Usage
Solo 1 by -
Solo 3 by -
Solo 2 by -
Dangerous Pickup Lines by Rick
Dangerous Pickup Lines - With Vocal by Rick
Dangerous Pickup Lines by Rick
2   03/11/2018  
0   03/11/2018  
0   03/11/2018  
0   03/11/2018  
0   03/12/2018  
0   03/12/2018  
This graph shows the number of times a backing track was used and who the author is. If Backing Tracks are not used enough, they will fall out of the jam. Backing Tracks are removed when they are over 600 days old and have less than 7 STracks played against them. Gold Backing Tracks have 7 or more STracks played against them and will never be removed. Blue Backing Tracks have less than 7 STracks but have not crossed the 600 day time limit yet. Green ones are brand new and no one has played to them yet. Red Backing Tracks were not used enough, and so are falling out of the jam. This graph uses Peer Votes only.

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