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Audience Comments:

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    I think it's a matter of time and money. Someone has to maintain the web page and the bandwidth cost money. How much I don't. Rick got himself a new girl friend and he just decided to place his priorities elsewhere.    --Ringer

Ringer's "Solo 1". .    Thanks Ringer, but is there no one who wants to go on with this Jam???     --RonDutch

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    Gonna miss that sweet vibrato of yours!!     --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    HI Lips, as usual very good played!     --RonDutch

Ringer's "Solo 1". .    going back in time Ringer, very nice and likeble ;)     --RonDutch

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    Back at ya Lips. Stay in touch.    --Ringer

Ringer's "Solo 1". .    Great Stuff Dan. Been great hearing your harp journey and love that you started singing. Keep harping man!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Streetlight Straggler". .    Test Test    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Streetlight Straggler". .    Nice. You've got that set up honking!!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Slow Blues in C". .    harp was top notch. Good spacing. Vocals were a little fuzzy. Before you go anywhere keep in mind that I'm a close friend of Willem Holleeder!!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Slow Blues in C". .    it was a time well spent thanks guys , gonna LOOK YOU UP further up on the road!!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Blues in C". .    i like your theme could use some more power in breath and holding it longer!!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Blues in C". .    sorry....Dan :3    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Blues in C". .    Good work in 3rd Beelz. I've tried it and some of it works, but some of it jess don't sound right to me.    --Lips Angelo

Shufflin Paul's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Great rockin' harp Paul. Keep em coming when the new jam be startin'    --Lips Angelo

Shufflin Paul's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Some real inventive licks. Maybe muffed a trill here or there but it blended right in. I agree with Bob's comment. Last man standing is a tough position.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Pawned My Blues". .    When you got it going you got to share it. nicely done.    --Ringer

Shufflin Paul's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    That was great, I especially liked 1:11 to 1:27!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Not an easy BT. all and all not bad.    --Shufflin Paul

Lips Angelo's "Pawned My Blues". .    I always love listing to your playing, singing and arranging. Good Job!    --Shufflin Paul

floppy lips's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Good sound and playing but didn't always fit the BT. Still pretty good, Flop.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Too many bent notes, that made me LOL, Dan!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Too many bent notes! Just kidding. Your rendition is very good.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Solo 1". .    A cross between Bo Diddley and the Grateful Dead. Nice vocals and harp fills.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Don't know all those different techniques so I can't identify them. But you placed those tongue fluters nicely if that's what they were    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Pawned My Blues". .    Maybe your best this jam, strong effort all around.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Nicely executed. Didn't love some of it, but enjoyed your efforts.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Sway Dont Swing". .    Another tasty one :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Solo 1". .    Rocking good stuff Sander. Enjoyed that.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "The Real Piano Man". .    Well done Veijo! Fat sound and some great technique :)    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Scented Melody". .    waow thats some story!! likr yah     --floppy lips

Ringer's "Sway Dont Swing". .    could use some more power to bend those notes, but a nice melody!!    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Scented Melody". .    Thanks, Dan! Glad this was so well received.    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "Scented Melody". .    Thanks for such high praise, Veijo, it made me happy!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Solo 1". .    Singing was great, Sander!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Solo 1". .    yeah its me singing but i will sent another    --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Solo 1". .    ??? I didn't hear any harp, is this what you meant to post? I liked it, was that you singing? ???    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Sway Dont Swing". .    I was wondering when you would get around to this one. Nice job as usual.    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "Scented Melody". .    That was quite the production! You really out did yourself this time. You took the mood of the BT and set it on fire.    --Ringer

Frosty's "The Real Piano Man". .    I hear touches of "Watermellon Man" in there.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Scented Melody". .    This a real surprise. Very different and progressive, maybe one of the best jams ever here. Great!    --Frosty

Ringer's "Sway Dont Swing". .    This is pretty good. I've been thinking this for a while: your melodic/jazzy harp playing is much better than your blues harp playing. But your blues singing and songs are good. Anyway, keep it up. As I said, this is good.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "The Real Piano Man". .    That riff at 1:17 was fantastic, very jazzy and fit perfectly. Lots to like in this, one of your best this jam.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Sway Dont Swing". .    I like your timing here.    --Frosty

panamaharp's "Pawned My Blues". .    Liked the octaves on the intro. Cleanly played and exacting in your direction. Long BT to keep totally interesting with Harp only.    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nicely done. Could have had the harp a little stronger in the mix.    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Damn good a star rising!!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    What a good ride on that metal horse and great singin!!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    Started really soulful, then went into trickier riffs that were interesting. Impressive for one take.    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    What a pleasure to hear how good you've become on harp. Lots of tasty riffs in this. Keep it up!    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Pawned My Blues". .    I just listened some Nic Clark and this did not pale in comparison. Precise playing per usual and pro sound. Maybe a little more variety in the middle would have been good, but a minor quibble. Excellent performance.    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nice job, good twist with the high end licks    --panamaharp

Lips Angelo's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    That's a nice easy going rendition. Like it a lot!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Pawned My Blues". .    Wow! That's your natural thing. love it!    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Feline Mellow". .    Jeez Bob! You got the balls to sing and it's wonderful!! Everything else was top notch also. if I could sing that that I quit my day job. keep them coming.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "I Tried Everything". .    3 times is not enough!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Pawned My Blues". . of your best !!    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Feline Mellow". .    Easy and sleazy :) Harp fit well and liked hearing the silver tongued devil singing one!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter 2". .    Nice and bluesy Sander. Good to hear those vocals more out front :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Pawned My Blues". .    One of the best things you ever did was getting a Harp Break and Bulletini. Add your natural tone and it's magic. Song good, too, as always.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "I Tried Everything". .    you are gifted too, all in one place with piano and laughs!! good to hear you!!!whaa wha    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Feline Mellow". .    WAUW thats some good songwriting !! you had me made my feet up ! just plane good !!    --floppy lips

panamaharp's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    Melodic and mellow. Liked the tone and effects on harp. Cool    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Nice chrom work Veijo    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Nice chrom work Veijo    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter". .    Your the man!!    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Feline Mellow". .    The Maestro Brassmaster is actually a seventies fuzz pedal for bass guitar. If you can find one that works, it's worth several hundred dollars. I used a software clone.    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    My comments on groove only applied to the chromatic; the diatonic was fine.    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    Just want to say again how great this was, ST of the jam so far IMHO.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "I Tried Everything". .    Liked that riffage from 1:34 to 1:44 a lot. Picked up steam in the second half.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter 2". .    Good, liked LSP1 better. Is this really a lap steel?    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    You're getting some great tone these days. Riffs were very good, still need to work on groove. Not a lot, just a little.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    I loved the first half, the second half seemed off some.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter". .    Very nice, that real thing you do so well.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "I Tried Everything". .    Good job. Some interesting ideas in the second solo.    --panamaharp

Frosty's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Nice. Liked the thrills with the slide    --panamaharp

BeelzeBob's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    Bluesy to the bone and I liked that tone :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Feline Mellow". .    Slow cruise down the river. Relaxed and easy :)    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    Nice laid back playing with a good dynamic sound.    --Frosty

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    This must be your best jam so far. I can hear a lot of Lee Oskar style playing, you should listen to him if you haven't already done it.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter". .    Interesting.    --Frosty

Frosty's "Organic Blues". .    Wish harp mix had been up a bit louder, but really liked the effect on it. Nice octaves and some good polished playing.    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Burnetts Blues". .    Loved the vocals and lyrics! Like Beelz said about bends Dan. You can blues it up with bends and hold on to some of the notes...stretch it. Nice    --Lips Angelo

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    So beautiful, Ron, this BT was made for you. Vibrato to die for.    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    Can we do 6 points? Great job.    --panamaharp

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    Great job. Tone, phrasing, melody , its all there. One of the best so far.    --panamaharp

floppy lips's "lap steel Peter". .    Very nice, it all fits together.    --panamaharp

BeelzeBob's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    There you go again with that fabulous horn sound. Loved it    --Ringer

mcee's "Aint No Use". .    Kept us on the edge of our seats with intensity.    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    Keep it intact for the full 5 minutes. Impressive. Sweet vibrato!    --Ringer

Frosty's "Organic Blues". .    cartoonist play , when you 10 points see people are    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "All I Got Left is the Blues". .    WAUW amazing how you blend in and take the lead..very ferry    --floppy lips

RonDutch's "Feline Mellow". .    hmmmmm    --floppy lips

mcee's "Aint No Use". .    Very nice. haven't seen you here in a while.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Solo 3". .    I liked it just fine. :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Feline Mellow". .    Dripping with mood! When the notes were on, this was pure magic. I played it several times, really enjoyed it.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Organic Blues". .    Good blues playing. Not a classic blues tone, but it's your very own sound, not many can claim that!    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Organic Blues". .    NEVER thought I'd say this, but the piano is starting to upstage the harp. Way to stay with it! The big challenge: working in some left-hand stuff at the same time.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Burnetts Blues". .    One of your best songs, be sure to save this one! Now the harp: a lot of major scale stuff that doesn't work for blues. Need some bends. You can do it.    --BeelzeBob

mcee's "Aint No Use". .    Always enjoy your reverberant harp howling from the bowels of Hell.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Solo 3". .    Pretty good, good singing as usual, some licks/notes didn't fit.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Feline Mellow". .    Just sailing along. Nice and smooth traveling.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Organic Blues". .    It's good. Not that exciting but it doesn't always have to be    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Organic Blues". .    Not that long. You had the piano to help fill it out. Good combo.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Organic Blues". .    Nice. Liked the call and response with the piano.    --panamaharp

Frosty's "Organic Blues". .    Great tone as usual. Not as interesting as some of your previous postings, but still pretty good.    --panamaharp

BeelzeBob's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Not my fave, but I appreciate the work you put in. I'm learning chrom, but it's way more technical than diatonic.    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Organic Blues". .    a very good listen, having some nice contrast !!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Burnetts Blues". .    Tats some real blues yeah you roll!!!    --floppy lips

mcee's "Aint No Use". .    Cool very intense i love it the approache and timing , killersound and play!!!    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    its gratefully played had that old sound to it !    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Dag Nabbit Rabbit Hop". .    Good one some real shiny runs and this beautifull voice!!!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Dag Nabbit Rabbit Hop". .    Liked your sound Dan. Heard some creative ideas with some of your riffs.    --Lips Angelo

panamaharp's "Celtic Bard". .    Melodic and a great sound on your recording. :)    --Lips Angelo

mcee's "Aint No Use". .    This is a SOLO 1 ,I DON`T KNOW HOW AIN`T NO USE POPED UP...     --mcee

floppy lips's "Solo 3". .    Solo my foot. You hit the wrong button but the result was fine. Roll on Floppy!    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Listen Bob you're a hero for tackling that chrome. Each and every endeavor gets better . It's a tough nut to crack.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Whats Left of My LIfe". .    Maybe not great but still pretty good. I like the way you bend notes to give color and expression to the chromatic. I would have liked to listen to more slide dips, jabs, etc    --panamaharp

Ringer's "Dag Nabbit Rabbit Hop". .    Good job. Some interesting ideas. Liked the riff you used to begin the 4th chorus, you could used as the central point of a song and launching pad for improvisation    --panamaharp

panamaharp's "Celtic Bard". .    Wow that's some good stuff. I played with some Irish groups when I was in Ireland but finally gave up as I was ruining the music!    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Dangerous Pickup Lines - With Vocal". .    Kuddos to everyone involved. Love the lyrics and the harp. Busy piece of music to tap into but you found your space Ron    --Ringer

Ringer's "Dag Nabbit Rabbit Hop". .    That was great, one of your best ever, IMHO. Simple riffs that flat-out worked. And you didn't run out of ideas like most of usually do. Big thumbs up!    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Celtic Bard". .    Nice theme, and that is a golden tone and reverb. You used a mute? Good stuff!    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Celtic Bard". .    A gorgeous rendition. Great job!    --Rontana

Frosty's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Nice job. Liked the thrills and the melody    --panamaharp

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    Very creative. Good control on harp all around!!    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Beautiful playing. Beautiful intonation on that chrome. Love your fat attacks.    --Rick

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    Beautiful playing! I just plain enjoyed listening to this. Made the BTrack really shine.    --Rick

Lips Angelo's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    From the man who brought the Faucet Cam to Facebook!    --Rick

Lips Angelo's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    The Startlight Band really knows how to swing! I would warn your sister to stay away from the singer though! Ha ha, great job!    --Rick

RonDutch's "Dangerous Pickup Lines - With Vocal". .    It's a busy track so takes a lot of skill to add backing harp. Listening to what you did though, I could hear the way forward. Sounded almost like a Cajun accordian at first, then some nice note weaving. Great job!    --Rick

RonDutch's "Dangerous Pickup Lines - With Vocal". .    Wow, after the first verse, you sounded better than Mickey Raphael! Rick needs to hear this!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Song was good as usual, but the harp did not work at all. You're still my hero.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Nice work with that chromatic. : )    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Great fun, Starlight goes outdoors, plus some good harp!    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Nice work with that chromatic.    --Frosty

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    Very good, almost Irish mood, nice melody.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Story from my tomorrow's gig? :-)    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nice swinging tune !    --panamaharp

Ringer's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    Great respond to it, like it~!!!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Aint No Use". .    Way to go !!! good voice!!    --floppy lips

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    Very nice melody. Good Job.    --panamaharp

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    Beatnik blues! Jack Kerouac is somewhere in the great beyond, snapping his fingers. Good job.    --Rontana

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    You may have found your calling! Great job with that "play fast but sound relaxed" thing in Celtic music.    --BeelzeBob

Rontana's "Celtic Bard". .    You have a knack for keeping the theme at the front of the composition. Irish, just a little different!    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    Off the wall in a good way. The steady beat kept together.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Diatonics all dead? You're certainly getting that chrome nailed down. Nice job for sure!!    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Nice work on that weird cx12 Beelz. Jazzy and a cool riff at :53 - 1:03 especially.    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    Good melodic work on harp and a cool tone/effect. Vocals were like a Joe Cocker/Bob Dylan combo plate...very nice.    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Im Yours Head to Toe". .    Nice! Really like the jazzy feel. Numerous short, fast runs throughout added to the effect.    --Rontana

Ringer's "Aint No Use". .    Coming along well . . . nice, old-style feel    --Rontana

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    Really liked the descending high-end work from about 1:24 to 1:35    --Rontana

Ringer's "Aint No Use". .    Good work on the harp...though, work some more bends in there :) Really liked the lyrics and your laid back singing.    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    yes sir, perfectly put in what you wanna say, got the groove, not sure if i ever said, that i like the sound from your's, fine jam    --TeeJay

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    great playin the notes, good tone; maybe you could try to make some pauses, playin less notes over a beat, and try to make that thrillers ~ 0.53 a lil more relax; fine country sound    --TeeJay

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    like that lil riff you throw in, may sometime a lil nervos, like the way you make a song from that instrumental    --TeeJay

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    Amazing how Lip's can make that harp sound just like a piano! Ha ha! Nice multi-instrument playing. The harp is lots of fun!    --Rick

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    Thanks Beelz. Wasn't sure about this one :))    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Solo 1". .    Great job, vibe was somewhere between Tom Waits and Dr. John, keep em coming!    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    Nice country feel and a big sound Veijo :)    --Lips Angelo

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    A good head :) and some swinging harping Rontana. Nice! Keep em' coming.    --Lips Angelo

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    Hey Teejay. So good to hear you post something again man. Been a while. We're all getting older too, but the blues keeps us young :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    Nice theme and it had that lonesome feeling to it.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    Kept getting better and better, the last verse was really good!    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Aint No Use". .    Kept it simple and the result was good.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Minor Blues Major Pain". .    Pretty nice on both harp and vox.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    That's a long BT to keep it interesting but you pulled it off. The plunking fit in nicely with the composition.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    You're a cowboy at heart. Nice clean melodic playing.    --Ringer

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nice hook and surrounding cast of licks.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    Good job with the high end. Nice work with the percussion.    --panamaharp

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    Nice relaxed song. Good job.    --panamaharp

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    Toe tapping good fun Dan. Upbeat vocals and harp make for a good listen!! Keep em' coming :)    --Lips Angelo

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    Nice to hear your voice again. Could have used a little more but that may be the beer talking.! Kind of reminded me of "Love in Vain"    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "She Left Bereft". .    Sets the mood well. You leave plenty of space (something I often don't do). It was also nice when you took the harp up the high end    --Rontana

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    You had some good fills at around 1:33, and then from 2:35 till the end. I can hear a lot of bluesy possibilities coming along    --Rontana

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    You've a good blues voice. I'd suggest getting half a dozen licks down pat, just to have in your back pocket. Do that, and in no time you'll be coming with all sorts of familiar variations.    --Rontana

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    I liked that. Some good fills in there    --Rontana

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    Had a nice, mellow sound. Good triplets at 55 and 1:07. I'm not a chrom player, but it sounds like you're doing well    --Rontana

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    Great stuff man. Vocals and harp were just right. Keep it rolling !!!!!!!    --Lips Angelo

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    Did a great job on the chromatic!! Good tune :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    Ha ha ha! I can see cowboys two stepping to this in the saloon. It was great hearing a different melody over the chords. You made it sound effortless, my friend.    --Rick

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Really nice, nimble playing. You make the runs sound effortless. Great job!    --Rick

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    I remember you TeeJay. I like your blues voice and your harp playing is enjoyable. And interesting because you put a lot of space between your notes. A good lesson for most of us.    --Rick

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    The ending was great! Love your voice. Harmonica is nice and spritely which fits the track perfectly.    --Rick

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Great dark tone and good playing!    --Frosty

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    Simple but not boring playing, good timing, some nice tricks, a good sound. I liked it.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    I liked a lot the moments at 1:45-1:55.    --Frosty

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    Like somebody said the harp had some good moments and some not so good. But you tried everything :-)    --Frosty

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    Nice vocals, harp playing was a bit stiff, but had some good ideas.    --Frosty

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nice acoustic sound and a melodic hook.    --Frosty

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Nice job. Liked the way you had a recurring lick going throughout the song.    --panamaharp

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    Listened a second time, you played plenty of harp, I'm just getting old.    --BeelzeBob

Rontana's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Welcome back, sir! Nice head and a lot of fresh licks kept my interest. Good work, keep em coming!    --BeelzeBob

TeeJay's "Aint No Use". .    Great to have you back again, TJ! Good mood created by your voice, would like to have heard more harp. Keep em coming, you'll be back to form quickly!    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    Great singing and lyrics as usual. Harp had some good moments and some less good moments.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    Amazing how you do it all 'a ce moment.' Really a treat to listen.    --BeelzeBob

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    Really nice, precise, playing. A little more groove and you will really be a chrom king.    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Yeah getting mean great sound this bit muffeld yeah gives it a autenthick feel !!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Joy feeling yeah like how you treated this with these fine licks !!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    That is sweet. You sound like an entire horn section    --Rontana

Ringer's "I Tried Everything". .    maybe some bluesy bends could come in, but i love that overall feel, fine jam, great singing    --TeeJay

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    It sets a nice mood. Made me want to be somewhere time passes slow with a beer in my hand.    --Rick

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    many of the songs i did here 10 years ago deal with that birds, so i love your song :-), yep, its a song. Fine, simple but feelful singing and playin. Maybe the harp could come in a lil smoother ... Great one. Greets from the neighbourhood    --TeeJay

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    yea, you're on the way with the chrom, well played, maybe a lil more impulsive, expressive could come in, on the other side i like that relax feeling    --TeeJay

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Fine midnight jam feel you bring in, like the way you create fat and smoothful sound as well    --TeeJay

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    love it veijo, fine feel for that ol swing, you bring in that great lil riffs from that era, well played and tastefully packed that package    --TeeJay

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    You are coming right along on that Chromatic. Your playing is taking advantage of it. I thought your main riff real good, but you should have varied it more, maybe by making the phrase longer.    --Rick

floppy lips's "Aint No Use". .    keep on rolling. It's the little embellishments that make the song special.    --Ringer

panamaharp's "Organic Blues". .    Not all that flashing but your finding your way just fine.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Nice one Bob. Interesting fat tone. Swinging right along with the boys.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    You got that horn cooking. Nice production.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Nice swinging tune...tone was a little too muddy for my taste    --panamaharp

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    The ol' Mississippi saxaphone swings on into the night. Don't let Little Walter know you are infringing on his territory. He'll punch out your lights!    --Rick

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Great production, loved it all, especially that lick at 0:54. Don't set the bar so high! JK!    --BeelzeBob

BeelzeBob's "Burnetts Blues". .    Nice fat harp tone Beelz!!!    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Great job Veijo. Liked the harp harmonies, leads and the way you're working those ob's into your runs so seamlessly.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Great swinging tune. Nice harmonies and quotes from classic tunes.    --panamaharp

Frosty's "Crashing the Bandstand". .    Wow! Count Frosty really aced this one by adding the counter melody! You really turned it into an arrangement! Plus of course your swing and tone!    --Rick

Rick's "Solo 1". .    Thank you again Rick and Bob!    --Frosty

Rick's "Dangerous Pickup Lines". .    This song contains my advice for the younger generation. Your welcome.    --Rick

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