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Hug Dat Ting by floppy lips
Tweed Tone Boog by RonDutch
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Lips Angelo
Wait a While and See
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Blues   02/13/2018   0 peer points, 14 days left.
Harp: Oskar Minor weiner, Chromatic and Bluesmaster.  Amp: none.  Harp Mic: Shure (Genexxa).  Effects Unit: delay reverb.  Recording Software: Audacity.  

Recording Notes: Mixed up some minor, chrom, piano and 1st position. Cheers.  
Hug Dat Ting
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Jazz   02/10/2018   0 peer points, 11 days left.
Harp: cx12.  
Tweed Tone Boogie
Low     MP3  
Blues   02/06/2018   10 peer points, 7 days left.
Harp: Hohner m/b classic.  Harp Key: Low F.  Harp Mic: PC mic.  Effects Unit: echo.  Recording Software: audacity.  

Recording Notes: Great BT and just a little improvisation.  
floppy lips
Hug Dat Ting
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Jazz   01/31/2018   25 peer points, 1 days left.
Harp: special 20.  Harp Key: F.  Harp Tuning: out of the box.  Harp Mic: fireball.  Effects Unit: boss delay dm-2w.  Recording Software: audacity.  

Recording Notes: haha for me its a sport not to listen to the bt before i play so i am open to it!.  
Audience Comments:

Lips Angelo's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    nice job    --keiths57

RonDutch's "Tweed Tone Boogie". .    First chorus was finding the groove, after that, it was excellent all the way to the end!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Hug Dat Ting". .    Nice,moodwise reminded me of huhn or Teejay.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    Good harp, enjoyed listening to where you were going with it. One Finger Willie doing well, too!    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Tweed Tone Boogie". .    Nice theme that drove this composition. Thanks for your comments also.    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Tweed Tone Boogie". .    Nice theme    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Hug Dat Ting". .    Hi Sanders, nice playing with a feeling....almost forgott hope you are soon better Ringer!     --RonDutch

Ringer's "Watch that Turnaround". .    Hi Ringer, you are doing allot fine stuff inhere, but i have the feeling you use the wrong key harmonica, try to follow the chords, try again with -2 -3' +4 -4'-4 -5 +6 this bluesladder and dont use to many notes...hope i can help a little     --RonDutch

floppy lips's "Hug Dat Ting". .    Nice and easy playing. Sounds good 😀    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Hug Dat Ting". .    Always a lurker here, floppy is my fav no BS player. Cheers .    --Steamrollin Stan

floppy lips's "Hug Dat Ting". .    Nice jazzy piece. Hand stuff fit fine. You layed nicely over the top of BT.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    Long track to hold on to without vocals. What you played over was real nice    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Next to Last Chance". .    Got some gritty stuff going on there. I don't know how it's done but sounds great. Keep working that quitar it's come along ways.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Leaves All Gone". .    Some nice technique throw in and clean playing as usual. Getting the chrome under control.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    yeah some laidback tunes hard to hold back on this , ! end was good cool!!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    Nice slow blues, nothing special, but nothing bad either.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "Next to Last Chance". .    Nice harp sound and some nice riffs.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "Next to Last Chance". .    Some nice gritty playing Beelz. Git playing bonus points too :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Leaves All Gone". .    Liked your playing and some cool little harp riffs! Didn't love the harp tone effect on this one as much as some of your others.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Leaves All Gone". .    Listened again, I think it's just the first few notes that are an issue for me. I love what you played from 1:25 to about 1:45, jazzy to my ears.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Leaves All Gone". .    For me, you've been relying on the original melodies too much. Maybe scat sing along until you hear a tune you like, or use Melodizer in Band in a Box to get started. But as always, your playing is perfection!    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Tweed Tone Boogie". .    The whole thing was good, but the fourth chorus was you at your best. The high note stuff could have been cleaner, not always possible OOB.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Tweed Tone Boogie". .    Interesting and different.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "This is Your Blues Life". .    Great tone and very cool layaouts superb!!     --floppy lips

Frosty's "Side Eye Blues". .    Great tone and abbility to move around really nice display with swing!!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "Short End of the Stick". .    Happy to feel ya around , rock on!!     --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "This is Your Blues Life". .    Great mix, super tone outta both instruments, playing was very nice on both also Beelz. Harp lead was sweet.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Side Eye Blues". .    Great bluesy jam out mon!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Keep em rolling. You've got that thing that everyone wants.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Never change dat thing, is you only. Great to still have you here after so many years, keep it up!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Solo_2". .    Nice one as only you can do.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Short End of the Stick". .    Good one, the harp break was so in the pocket!    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Side Eye Blues". .    One of your best, I think. Lots of things to like in this. You were fully a part of the band.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Solo_2". .    Great melody line and playing at 1:26-1:39.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Short End of the Stick". .    A nice one Mike! Very good.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Solo_2". .    Really liked this one Sander. Guitar and vocals especially.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Cussed Out Blues". .    down and dirty blues :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Great tone and inventive playing Veijo. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours     --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    Sweet talking blues. Great repeating lick.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Old Town Saunter". .    Those jazzy swings fit you well.. Nice horn sounding tone.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Hanging on the One". .    You put a lot of effort in and it paid off    --Ringer

Frosty's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Strong play love the flutters man your gooood!!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    yeah great band all by yourself , like the honky tonk piano , your always as nuts hahaha    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Old Town Saunter". .    Very cool sound like it was old time , great!!!     --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Old Town Saunter". .    Yes, that was a good one, a lot like Satchmo Armstrong sound.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    A nice slow blues rap. Great harp sound, very butterfieldish to my ears.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    Your 3rd sounds good already!    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Hanging on the One". .    good jam here!!    --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Snoring Cat Blues". .    Way cool talking blues and harp tone was excelllllent!!    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Old Town Saunter". .    Sounding good Beelz. You've participated plenty getting BT's in...we need some more players posting.    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Old Town Saunter". .    Apologies for my lack of participation. Will do better.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Hanging on the One". .    Nice, deft touch on both harp tracks!    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Hanging on the One". .    Nice. Bo Diddley in the house. Some of the bends were off pitch, but overall nice playing.    --panamaharp

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Nice work on the chrome    --Ringer

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Wauw this is some seriuw playing , awsome note balance !! always have this intergalactical sound to it , !!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    Good ! like when you play with the theme and melody,    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    chrome work is very well done Veijo and the tone as always is cool - great flow to the melody lines!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Old Town Saunter". .    Ooops - I meant Sander - apologies to both of you    --htrain

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    lots of good ideas in there Dan - got stronger as it want on    --htrain

floppy lips's "Old Town Saunter". .    Oh Yah! - different groove for you but you nailed it with cool melody lines and sweet tone - impressive stuff Veijo    --htrain

RonDutch's "Cussed Out Blues". .    nice easy flowing melody lines - pretty little runs off the key notes - nice tone    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Cussed Out Blues". .    nice one Mike - cool vibrato and warbles - great use of the low F - keyboard pretty sweet too!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Old Town Saunter". .    It's tough playing after you. Nice job!    --Ringer

RonDutch's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Loved about evert/ytjing , but make a bit of a wall,     --floppy lips

RonDutch's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Nice job Ron. Played it well man.    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    A nice practice.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Old Town Saunter". .    Sounds good, nice acoustic sound. Could have been a bit more to the jazz style.    --Frosty

RonDutch's "Cussed Out Blues". .    I hear that you have done a lot of practicing, because this is very very good! Bravo!    --Frosty

RonDutch's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Long Bt. Good for you for keeping it interesting    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Low F sounded great. Not familiar with the BT. Was that you noodling on piano?    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Smooth and tantalizingly simple. Well done!    --Ringer

Frosty's "Hopping at the Howard". .    Don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. You got it spades on this one.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Nice job Mike    --keiths57

floppy lips's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Buttery smooth blues.    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Sounded good Mike! PS. No overblows in my Hopping at Howards, they are draw bends with a powerbender harp.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    That is a beautiful harp sound there and I also liked the economical playing, which had a nice feeling.    --Frosty

Frosty's "Hopping at the Howard". .    Big sound and damn.....runs with the ob's are so smooth.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Catfish Row in July". .    Blueshiner - yes, been bleak, I think younger players prefer to use their cellphones and upload to Facebook and similar sites. It will pick up some and then get low again.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Hopping at the Howard". .    yeah swing on that stick, very plesant runs ``!!    --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Catfish Row in July". .    Inventive and outside of the box. Not sure what position that was though?    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    A good practice in 3rd. Try also 1st hole draw and blow, 2 draw and 2 draw whole tone bend and 3rd hole whole tone bend. Now you stayed only in the middle register.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Catfish Row in July". .    Good job Sander!    --Frosty

Ringer's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Good style and note choices. I am going to go easy for a while since I am fresh back. Be as picky as you want to with me. I can take it    --Blueshiner

floppy lips's "Catfish Row in July". .    Floppy Lips, I see you have been practicing since I left. Good runs up and down, I have been gone for over five years and came back to a ghost town. Where is everyone? How many active players do we have.    --Blueshiner

floppy lips's "Catfish Row in July". .    Got some real nice runs in there. Playing outside the box yet inline with the tune.    --Ringer

Ringer's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Nice easy feel with vox and harp Dan :)    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Good jive on singing and harp , getting there !!    --floppy lips

Blueshiner's "Catfish Row in July". .    Welcome back. Nice to have another whistler on the site :) Nice clean sound and great playing.    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Hanging on the One". .    Had some goof moog all along    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "Our Father of St Louis Shuffle". .    did some fine latency harpin , man love your strokes!!     --floppy lips

Blueshiner's "Catfish Row in July". .    Sharp on both ideas . love your tonation the guality has got some mojo on it!!!    --floppy lips

Blueshiner's "Catfish Row in July". .    Nice! Welcome back. Singing and harp were both top notch. My grandmother used to do whistling performances so I always appreciate a good whistler.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Our Father of St Louis Shuffle". .    The tone you're getting out of that set up is out of this world.. Nice package of licks and tricks!    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Our Father of St Louis Shuffle". .    Ahh Mike - cool techniques with growls, octave switching and warbles etc.- nice flow and reinforcement of themes    --htrain

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    Liked the harp tone you had here and vocals are great! - nice laid back flow in those solo lines - cool use of bleeds - one of your best numbers    --htrain

Ringer's "Hanging on the One". .    One chord songs are tough but you handled it well with some cool licks     --htrain

Blueshiner's "Catfish Row in July". .    Blueshiner, welcome back! One of our very best singer-songwriters. Harp and whistling were both very good here. Looking forward to more from you!    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Our Father of St Louis Shuffle". .    Pretty good, I especially liked the last chorus.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    That was great, especially the first harp chorus, and singing as always is special.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Hanging on the One". .    Pretty good mostly, a few notes that didn't fit but not too bad.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Hanging on the One". .    Love that lick at 0:33, sounded like LedZep's Immigrant Song intro. Good all the way around.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Good production, good playing and good yucks.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Old Town Saunter". .    Nice stuff Dan. Loved the satchmo vocals. Harp could've been a little tighter with the jazzy melody in spots. Sing more :)    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Hanging on the One". .    Same BT, different style and approach. Sounded dang fine too!!    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Hanging on the One". .    Sounds great Veijo.......glad you're feeling better too!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Side Eye Blues". .    Yeah man.....that made me smile....!!    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Hahahaa good news about the hamster finally great harmonics too!!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Hanging on the One". .    Our heads hear different things in the backing tracks. Yours is very nice!    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Harp is real nice.! lyrics too!!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Side Eye Blues". .    You make me smile!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    Finally I got through!! Love this very much!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    I'm having a hell of a time voting!!    --Ringer

Frosty's "Hanging on the One". .    glad to hear you are feeling better Veijo - and this piece of music is as good as it gets - I Iike the rhythmic licks and the way you tie it all together    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    great stuff Mike - clever lyrics and solid vocal work - harp work totally works with the song melody - you have a real gift for this kind of stuff!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Side Eye Blues". .    Cool flowing licks - vocals well done - comping bang on and solo work fits right in - nice tone!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Side Eye Blues". .    I like the harmonica sound, playing and your way of phrasing.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Good one Mike!    --Frosty

floppy lips's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    Very cool vibe on this - nice fx that add to the moody feel - harp work and melody lines are so fine - solid stuff Sander!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    Nice and bluesy man!! Liked that doubled vocal too.    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    good extra sidekicks ,     --floppy lips

floppy lips's "She Can Dance with a Drink in her Hand". .    Nice laid back harmonica with a good delay effect. Not sure about the effect on vocals though.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Good work. I liked especially the solo starting at 2:45.    --Frosty

Ringer's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Your acoustic sound is getting better and bigger.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Mr. Versatlity strikes again - you got pucker, you got vocals, you got lyrics, you got cool harp licks and tone!! - damn good Mike - some very wicked licks in there!!     --htrain

Ringer's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Nice recovery on the intro - nice ideas and licks in there - melody lines got stronger and stronger as it went on - good one Dan    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Totally nailed it! You have much better acoustic tone than me and I can't whistle for shit.    --Ringer

Ringer's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Nice playing with feel Dan!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    kiss to all    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Classic Veijo tone - love it!! - long bt but you kept it interesting with those melody lines and appropriate use of different techniques and embellishments - well done Veijo    --htrain

Frosty's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Lots of space to fill on this one and you did it well Veijo! Cool tone and liked the riff at 2:51.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    That was a lot of fun to listen to :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    Sorry to hear that your computer was stolen.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    my laptop stolen so no songs from me anymore damn    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    That's a long backing track to stay on point. You threw in enough variety to keep it interesting.    --Ringer

Ringer's "Catfish Row in July". .    Good work, might be your best one too. Maybe 3rd position is your thing? :-)    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    The best solo I have heard from you Mike! Phenomenal!    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    Cool! A good sound, Butterfieldish :-)    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    love that opening and crunchy tone! - kept the groove with that bouncy BT - solid stuff Sander!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    Some really cool licks in there Mike - some experimentation? - sounding good my friend!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Hopping at the Howard". .    You danced all over it! That bulletini is sounding sweet.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    That's a tune for heavy breathers! You breathed some life into this BT.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    Just a little bit of Georgia. Nice swing, tone and growl.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    Kiitos. Toivottavasti teet hyvin Veijo    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    Bedankt Sander. Blij dat je het leuk vond :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    Goed gast zo overtuigend!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "K.I.S.S". .    Goed gedaan man erg leuke noten tijdens het spelen    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Catfish Row in July". .    Nice work on 3rd Dan. I'm not good at it....maybe I should try :)    --Lips Angelo

dmb's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Good melodic work. High end was real perty and some cool descending little runs.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    Fluidly played and a really great horn tone Veijo..    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Kept getting stronger as it went - some pretty lines - solid stuff!    --htrain

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    love that tone Veijo - as always great choices on melody lines and phrasing - top notch!    --htrain

dmb's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    easy feeling and melodic - enjoyable listen - solid high end work - good one!!    --htrain

dmb's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Nice melody, good sound, well played. I liked it a lot!    --Frosty

dmb's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    easy to listen to    --Sundog

dmb's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Awsome blend together!!really enjoying your playing style!!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Great crisp clear note tones. Some pleasant vibrato.    --dmb

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    Nice melody, loved the growl/breakup    --dmb

Frosty's "Old Town Saunter". .    Nice, I especially liked 1:35 to 2:09.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Got better the more you played, by 2:00 it was sounding good.    --BeelzeBob

dmb's "Freshet". .    Love the way you attack each note and the tones you get. Still working on Powerbender? Thanks for the BT, keep em coming!    --BeelzeBob

dmb's "Freshet". .    You seem to have a good fat acoustic sound. Some nice ideas too. Harp seems to be clipping in strong notes, some problems in recording?    --Frosty

Ringer's "Cussed Out Blues". .    Some nice licks, f ex at about 2:30. In some fast thrills I feel like you lose timing and don't know where to land. Work on these and it will sound a lot better.    --Frosty

dmb's "Freshet". .    Took me a second listen to get my arms around it. It's definitely different in a good way. Welcome back!    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Man you threw everything in but the sink. Nicely done and very entertaining.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Nice use of the call and response and the complete harp with various effects thrown in.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Still building on your basic core and it's proving to be successful.    --Ringer

dmb's "Freshet". .    Nice playing and a big welcome back :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Yeah baby!    --Lips Angelo

dmb's "Freshet". .    Real good lots of technigue and cool riffs    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Cool Veijo. Octaves and effects worked really well on this piece.    --Lips Angelo

dmb's "Freshet". .    interesting opening that grabs attention - nice mellow tone - liked your high end licks and how you came back to the 'wailing' theme - liked the ways you presented this thematic melody    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Interesting tone - couldn't identify what you did but I liked it - keyboard really coming on Mike - and the whistler always works especially with harp comping - good one!    --htrain

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Very cool raspy tone - solid melody lines that flowed - great call response in octaves - nailed it Veijo!!    --htrain

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    groovin hard    --dmb

Frosty's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    cool flutters    --dmb

Lips Angelo's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Bluesy and folksy for sure    --dmb

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Nice brassy tone. Very enjoyable.    --panamaharp

Lips Angelo's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    flowing in style thruout the song mice pattern good swing in harp but piano could be mare exciting!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Really dug those runs sweet to the ear! !!    --floppy lips

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    gosh you were ronking!! good sound and twist !!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Great wha wha s man and your speed yeah fits wonderfull!!!    --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Classic FL stuff - gritty and powerful - I keep enjoying your stuff!    --htrain

WoodComb's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Smooth start with sweet tone and solid techniques used with great effect - liked the flowing melody lines - nice one!    --htrain

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Good bluesy tone and playing. Tres bien!!    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Phone Booth Philanderer". .    Love how you did both parts of a call and response, very effective! Nice all around as usual.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    You unleashed the animal. Vox Effex were like Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking.    --BeelzeBob

WoodComb's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    A tour de force!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Hanging on the One". .    Had some highs and some lows with this. But always fun to hear you. I forgot I changed the chords on this, so it doesn't 'hang on the one' at all. More like 'Hand Jive.'    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    A pleasure to hear you keep making progress! Most of us, whatever our level, have reached a plateau. But you keep improving!    --BeelzeBob

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Might be your best playing that I have heard. Followed chords nicely, timing was good and there were melodic and rhythmic ideas that kept me listening.    --Frosty

WoodComb's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Great! Kept me interested all five minutes and thirty seconds.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Raff'n Tuff.    --Frosty

Frosty's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Very nicely played Veijo!!    --Lips Angelo

WoodComb's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    mean and Green     --floppy lips

WoodComb's "Bumper to Bumper Blues in G". .    Nice use of the SBS    --panamaharp

floppy lips's "Hanging on the One". .    Sounds like you got lost in your noodling a bit since it sounded more and more out of sync with the BT near the end. Don't stop heaving fun though! ;)    --Windsaver

Frosty's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    That was really cool, Veijo! Especially the high-en flutters/warbles. Great control    --Windsaver

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Sounds good Ron. I hear more diversity in your not choices then before. Nice work!    --Windsaver

Windsaver's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Experimentation is the key to learning grasshopper :)    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Short End of the Stick". .    Just really good blues here!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Hanging on the One". .    another solid play Sander - stayed right with it!! - good noodling    --htrain

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Solid rhythm and groove - nice raspy tone - liked the melody lines you used - warbles effective - good one Ron    --htrain

RonDutch's "Aint Far Unless Your Walking". .    Great job. Good tone and phrasing. Maybe add a theme or repeated riff to pull it all together    --panamaharp

htrain's "K.I.S.S". .    Right you are. Started a little slow but then you picked up steam.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    The chrome is getting better and better each time you pull it out    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    Very creative as usual    --Ringer

Frosty's "Bluesy Folk Shuffle". .    Love how your groove totally complimented the BT - effects, timing and techniques added the 'bouncy' feel - this is a lesson on how to play to the BT - great stuff Veijo!    --htrain

Windsaver's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Nice example of how different positions give different feelings.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Short End of the Stick". .    Nice!    --Frosty

htrain's "K.I.S.S". .    The second chorus (0:30-1:00) was great, fine melody, sound, timing and feeling. Some bends are off after that, but as a whole one of your best jams.    --Frosty

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Nice job, solid melody    --panamaharp

htrain's "K.I.S.S". .    Nicely done. Liked the timing you chose on your riffs.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Smooth and well done Veijo..    --Lips Angelo

Windsaver's "Man in a Suit asked about You". .    Maybe rusty in places but man that is a big challenge to play in those different positions in on song - interesting to hear the different flavours to the melody patterns as you change harps - I enjoyed this - thanks!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Short End of the Stick". .    Mooi ingetogen, zou je vaker moeten doen ;)    --Windsaver

htrain's "K.I.S.S". .    May be simple but sounds good to me    --Windsaver

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Great to see you picked up chromatic harmonic playing. Nice work!    --Windsaver

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    Very creative. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and the added some serious harp playing ;)    --Windsaver

floppy lips's "Short End of the Stick". .    Bluesy feel and groove - cool melody lines - as always, vocals are distinctive and fit with the mood - love that 'growl' - good one!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    Extravaganzania, so fun!    --floppy lips

htrain's "K.I.S.S". .    You cheer me up! no language needed    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Amazing art work!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Lazy man! You could have disguised that melody better! Ha ha, great job though.    --Rick

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Solid stuff Veijo (Like always) - whatever I tried on this one, I couldn't escape 'Summertime' - liked your variations - good one!    --htrain

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Solid stuff Veijo (Like always) - whatever I tried on this one, I couldn't escape 'Summertime' - liked your variations - good one!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    Cool and creative - liked the Canuck lyrics - great instrument versatility - how do you pack the rhythm set for gigs? :-)    --htrain

Frosty's "Catfish Row in July". .    Great interpretation. Thank you.    --JabeBee

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    The last harmonica solo was great!    --Frosty

Rick's "Solo_1". .    Perfecto!    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Solo_1". .    Ha ha, great lyrics! Awooooo!    --Rick

Rick's "Solo_1". .    Great job Rick    --Lips Angelo

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