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D for Dallas by Frosty
Remind me about by floppy lips
Remind me about by Lips Angelo
Another Tank of by BeelzeBob
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Dude in da Know
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Jazz   06/18/2017   10 peer points, 12 days left.
Harp: Seydel 1847.  Harp Key: Lo Eb.  Harp Mic: RE10 into Mac.  Recording Software: GarageBand.  

Recording Notes: Quickie take - after hearing the BT decided to give it a shot - rainy day here so the mood was right - thanks Bbob for all your bts.  
Remind me about the Blues
Low     MP3  
Blues   06/18/2017   10 peer points, 12 days left.
Harp: Seydel.  Harp Key: C.  Amp: The Blues Box.  Harp Mic: Astatic JT-30.  Amp Mic: Computer.  Effects Unit: Lone Wolf Delay & Harp Attack.  Recording Software: GarageBand.  

Recording Notes: havent recorded amplified in a long time. Just wanted to crank it up. I did a recording with Chrome also that I plan on putting up in Open Mic..  
Lips Angelo
Remind me about the Blues
Low   High   MP3  
Blues   06/16/2017   15 peer points, 10 days left.
Harp: Suzuki Bluesmaster and C chromatic.  Amp: none.  Harp Mic: Shure (Genexxa).  Effects Unit: delay reverb.  Recording Software: Audacity.  

Recording Notes: A quist quickie here :) A little diatonic vs chrom first, then a diatonic solo, then a chromatic sort of solo. My diatonic brain still controls my chromatic lips :).  
Another Tank of Gas
Low   High   MP3  
Jazz   06/15/2017   10 peer points, 9 days left.
Harp: sp20.  Harp Mic Element: 533sa.  Effects Unit: amplitube 3 free.  Recording Software: acid.  
floppy lips
Remind me about the Blues
Low     MP3  
Blues   06/07/2017   15 peer points, 1 days left.

Recording Notes: just cha cha.  
D for Dallas
Low     MP3  
Blues   06/07/2017   15 peer points, 1 days left.
Harp: Hohner Comet.  Harp Key: C.  Harp Tuning: Octave Richter.  Amp: DC Womanizer pre amp.  Harp Mic: Beyerdynamiv M88 TG.  Harp Mic Element: dynamic.  Effects Unit: Harp Octave+Brak+Delay+Reverb.  Recording Software: Cubase LE.  

Recording Notes: Trying first time to play blues with an octave harmonica. I will definitely try another time, too.  
Audience Comments:

Lips Angelo's "Remind me about the Blues". .    I listened to that note again at 1:20, awesome! It reminds me of Blueboy's tone, remember him?    --BeelzeBob

htrain's "Dude in da Know". .    Nice treatment, that low harp is a treat, almost had a djzblz tone. I imagine it's tough to use your whole bag of tricks on that first octave. Very, very nice overall!    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Remind me about the Blues". .    I liked the first chorus the best, it was all pretty good. More warbles would be good and they can be longer if you want.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Remind me about the Blues". .    Good playing, good production. I especially liked that resolving note at 1:20.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Remind me about the Blues". .    like how you jumped right in at the start - very nice licks in there - getting some nice 'dirty' sounds in there - good one Dan    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Remind me about the Blues". .    Hey Dan. I recorded the diatonic track first. I was thinking I might scat the answer part but ended up using my chrom instead     --Lips Angelo

htrain's "Dude in da Know". .    You nailed a lazy, rainy day right on the head. Tone and note selection made it float right along.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Remind me about the Blues". .    You inspired me. I did a complete Chrome version of this in Open Mic.. Your transitions were smooth between the two. Did you record on separate tracks or switch back and forth.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Another Tank of Gas". .    Fabulous horn sound that was perfect for a jazzy tune    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Remind me about the Blues". .    That was not a cha,cha. That was the blues. Opening lick set the tone.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Remind me about the Blues". .    That was not a cha,cha. That was the blues. Opening lick set the tone.    --Ringer

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    You gut that tongue thing going again. it makes for a nice accent if you don't use it too much.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    That was super and a great story to boot.    --Ringer

Frosty's "All That and Less". .    That's some crazy technique at 1:10. You have more energy than me to play an almost 4 minute solo. You kept it hopping all the way through.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Remind me about the Blues". .    well done with smooth switch from diatonic to 'big stick' playing - cool note bleeds - Lips scores gain!!    --htrain

BeelzeBob's "Another Tank of Gas". .    cool tone with nice swing groove - like the way you really nail the chord changes and lead into the next verse - solid TB dynamics - Yeah!!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Remind me about the Blues". .    all about moody feeling - nice hesitation attacks in the first chorus - vocals as always, classic floppy lips - another good one Sander    --htrain

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    Different sound for sure with that octave harp but interesting - nice flow and techniques token it interesting    --htrain

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    You got that baby talking. Nice high end runs and a tone to die for. Sounding old time all the way.    --Ringer

Frosty's "All That and Less". .    Nice one Veijo. Very relaxed. I don't know how you jazzheads all play that stuff :))    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "All That and Less". .    Maybe your best song and singing, really had the groove nailed. And the harp was GREAT, just needed to be smoother in spots. You may have found your calling with chromatic and jazz! Score: 10!!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    Great harp, vintage sound all the way, wish I could give a 6 for score.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "All That and Less". .    Nice deft touch and you're finding some good riffs. Keep it up!    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    Hilarious, had me ROTFL!    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    Yeah, let's hear more!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Remind me about the Blues". .    got that harp mourning, great vox, all good per usual.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    Way to blues it up man! T'was cooking!    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "All That and Less". .    Very nice y'all. You two jazzheads should collab some more :-{}    --Lips Angelo

Lips Angelo's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    nice acoustic tone - vocals in the classic Lips style - love it - some cool runs with that harp Mike - Solid!!    --htrain

Frosty's "All That and Less". .    nice flowing lines with a swing feel - cool warble effect @ 1:06 - glad the button didn't stick ;-) well done Veijo    --htrain

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    flowing lines with a swing feel - cool warble effect @ 1:06 - nice one Veijo    --htrain

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    solid confident playing with hard rock tone - vocals as always - well done    --htrain

Ringer's "All That and Less". .    Cool vocals - sure getting the big stick bug - nice choice in melody lines - nice use of full range on the chrom    --htrain

Frosty's "Atkins Diet". .    Very Nice. Reminded me of merry go round music. When your music strikes a visual image, that's a good thing.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    Smoking show there !! i was grounded!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "All That and Less". .    Perfect sunny jazz combo , yeehaw     --floppy lips

Ringer's "All That and Less". .    Good singin very smooth , awsome playing had my girlfriend smiling!!    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "All That and Less". .    Had that harp sounding like a clarinet in that piece...nice and fluid. 2 finger Willie on guitar too .... :))    --Lips Angelo

WoodComb's "I Get to Choose". .    Yeah...I recognize that harp sound. Very pretty :))    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Door to Door Blues". .    Vocals and harp sounding good Dan. I agree with Beelz's comments as well.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Atkins Diet". .    Wow....I mean...yeehaw!!    --Lips Angelo

WoodComb's "I Get to Choose". .    Beautiful style and feeling. Kept my interest from start to the end.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "All That and Less". .    That sounded like a very good chromatic playing! You got it.    --Frosty

Ringer's "All That and Less". .    Maybe you could try longer phrases (four measures) to make it sound more jazzy.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Beans, Rice and Blues". .    Good sound and energy, nice licks and interesting high register runs.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "All That and Less". .    Your comments on my last recording were spot on so keep bugging me! This was really a nice piece. Guitar solo added a lot to the texture of your composition.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "All That and Less". .    sure got that big stick under control - nice swinging feel to lines and rhythms - nice button work - pretty cool guitar work as well!! - very well done!    --htrain

WoodComb's "I Get to Choose". .    Sweet fat tone - cool soulful melody lines - nice variation in rhythmic patterns - like what you did here!    --htrain

Ringer's "Door to Door Blues". .    nice flow to the melody lines- flutter working well - vocals very solid - sounding good Dan!    --htrain

Ringer's "Door to Door Blues". .    Good song and singing as always! I could follow where you were going musically, great! But too much time spent in holes 4-6, needed to get some of those those draw bends in 2 and 3. Grab 4 draw whenever you feel lost.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Harp sounds great, and listen to One Finger Willie with some legato and bluesy triplets! Nice production.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Atkins Diet". .    Good Bob Wills kinda thing, cool!    --BeelzeBob

WoodComb's "I Get to Choose". .    Soulful playing, rip your heart right out. Now let's get Peter back in here, too.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Awsome play and sound that soul is cooking     --floppy lips

Frosty's "Atkins Diet". .    Crisp and clean. Almost had a polka flair as well as country.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    I like the sound of that combo also.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Atkins Diet". .    yeehaw!! you certainly captured the country flavour here - chrome harp totally under control - well done!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Solid with nice fat tone!    --htrain

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    More fine mics and amps with great tone.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Another good sounding harmonica player!    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Yes, a nice sound!    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Has a real nice flow of ideas and like that fat sound.    --Blue In Green

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    A bucketful of soul!    --Blue In Green

Lips Angelo's "D for Dallas". .    Very enjoyable listen. Liked the phrasing/timing    --WoodComb

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Yeah Sander...dripping with blues :)    --Lips Angelo

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    Big and juicy sound. Yup!!    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    Coolness Veijo. Fat sound but in spots almost keyboardy. Good to hear you really let go too!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Very good, not as strong as your best ones, but still quite good.    --BeelzeBob

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    Great sound that's ready to record a great song.    --BeelzeBob

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Great work on both, esp. that dobro.Yep, like Rick sez, time for some backing tracks from Hank.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    A lot to like here. Maybe too much flutter. Of course, that might be like telling Paul Butterfield he's using too much vibrato.     --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Damn women are always giving us the blues. Sweet harp.    --Ringer

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    Sound check sounded great.    --Ringer

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Very nice Hank, Your time off did the dobro well.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    A well executed practice piece.    --Ringer

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Very impressive. 4th and all those overblows. I have a hard time blowing my nose!    --Ringer

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Smooth and melodic. Liked it.    --Lips Angelo

BlueInGreen's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Mike.....you killed it!! I played it twice in a row and got goosebumps. 'Nuff said.    --Lips Angelo

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Great quality on the harp recording and some very nice playing. Really enjoyed this one R!!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Slow Effin Blues". .    You got that harp crying the blues - cool expressive melody lines and tone - lyrics and vocals solid, as always!    --htrain

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Welcome back! Good to hear you. Enjoyed both the harp and the dobro (those resos are fun; I had one for quite a number of years).    --Rontana

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    A tasty scene by Blue in Green :))    --Lips Angelo

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    The Dobro work is very pretty. Great tone, nice melody, ... if you did that too!    --Rick

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Nice to see you back. Your harp playing has a bit of country twang to it. Very nice!    --Rick

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Sounds very Latin (of course). Very nice tone and very Latin melodic work.    --Rick

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    It sounds great. I couldn't tell it was DI    --Rick

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    you got blues real ...y    --floppy lips

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    a grande applause for timing shore side!!    --floppy lips

BlueInGreen's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Man your autenthick feel can make everything alright!!!    --floppy lips

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Sounds terriffic spot on but may be take some more time to place the notes, haha great movement and controll , !!    --floppy lips

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Dont know what to say its so darm lekker touches my zen!!    --floppy lips

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    your instrument sounds so open and with attitude, open really enjoying !!    --floppy lips

WoodComb's "Slow Effin Blues". .    new player with great sound effect and knows his time to talk! gooood relacst    --floppy lips

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Cool relaxing peace is hart warming to hear you again , !!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    Really like it especially the end , such a heroicsound to it damn good    --floppy lips

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    right on mr. Pro    --floppy lips

BlueInGreen's "Solo_1". .    Wicked tone in that set up. Well done!    --htrain

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Sweet melodic playing Hank. Nice touches to give it individual expression.    --BlueInGreen

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    Nice melody lines and love that fat tone and reverb over this track.    --BlueInGreen

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Nice use of repetition of phrasing and free blowing style. At times I wasn't hearing so much connection to the guitar under the harp.    --BlueInGreen

htrain's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Nice to hear you Hank! Good harp tone and nice licks and I liked your dobro solo,too. Hope to hear from you more often!    --Frosty

Frosty's "Blues Request". .    great raspy tone Veijo - beauty command and use of solid techniques to create a musical piece of art - thanks for the treat!    --htrain

WoodComb's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Wow that low harp is serious - love it - nice moody melody lines with tastey tone - very nice indeed!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Cool vocals and some very sweet, bluesy harping!! Sehr gut!!    --Lips Angelo

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Good chrom work Dan. You're much more fluid on it than I am on mine.    --Lips Angelo

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Very fresh and musical and played with a skill, a pleasure to listen to.    --Frosty

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Really good and impressive take.    --Frosty

WoodComb's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Perfecto!    --Frosty

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Good overbend runs and nice mood.    --BeelzeBob

BlueInGreen's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Really like that deep vibrato and the overbend work that began at 1:19!     --BeelzeBob

WoodComb's "Slow Effin Blues". .    You are right Beelz. This is definitely Dennis! Can tell by the vibrato and some signature stylistic things such as grace notes. Beautiful playing Dennis - and probably you on the organ too?    --BlueInGreen

WoodComb's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Fantastic valved work! Gotta be dblues!    --BeelzeBob

BlueInGreen's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    pretty and expressive - very well done    --htrain

BlueInGreen's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Like the way the harmonica is talking to us. Real nice take on this BT.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Nice job Mike    --keiths57

BlueInGreen's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Too much fun - love the experimentation with dynamics - so much going on in there with sweet tone and smooth flow - cool take!    --htrain

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Not you? The mystery continues, then.    --BeelzeBob

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    nice flowing melody lines and control of the notes played - counterplea with guitar made for interesting listen    --htrain

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    cool vibrato and effective repetition - liked the way you 'milked' the bends - nice one!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Sweet stuff Mike - nice interaction between whistling and harp - acoustic tone is solid over the pretty melody lines - well done!    --htrain

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    I don't know Woodcomb, never heard him/her play. It's not me.    --Windsaver

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Didn't you post something last year as Woodcomb and we were trying to guess who it was?    --BeelzeBob

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Crisp, musical ideas. Sounded like something Tommy Morgan might have invented for a new TV show.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Thought I would miss that amp of yours but I didn't. Nice musical ideas, great job of recording and producing this.    --BeelzeBob

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Amazing vibrato, very understated playing, maybe a little too much so, or maybe it was just fine as is. Matter of taste, I suppose.    --BeelzeBob

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    This was amazing, full of great musical ideas and playing! Seemed like it took you 15 seconds to get out of the gate, but once you did, all the rest was fantastic.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Great tune and singing, harp playing was perfect but maybe an acoustic tone would've fit better on this.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    At times, your playing was crisp and confident. You might have something here, I'd keep with it and see what happens.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Classic approach was perfect for this BT. You might try not using pedals with the chromatic, just reverb or delay.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    One of your best, loved the layered voices, great tune, maybe first position, non-bluesy solo for the harp on a song like this but either way, big thumbs up!    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Very cool!    --BlueInGreen

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    Nice playing with and around the guitar lines.    --BlueInGreen

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Another great take on this sloooow btrack.    --BlueInGreen

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Great to hear you playing Ed. Been forever. Nice tone and vibrator there!    --BlueInGreen

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    That was nice! keep working at the chromatic and finding the notes to match the chords.    --BlueInGreen

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Cool fiesta vibe!    --BlueInGreen

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    Cool 60s-ish song. Liked the singing and the harp snuck in at the end.    --BlueInGreen

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Excellent!!! Loved the call-and-response whistle/harp combo, the deep wah-wahs, the high-end parts, and the triplets.    --Rontana

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Wow . . . that's some fine vibrato and breath control. Well done    --Rontana

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    That's a nice, fat sound you've got going there. I enjoyed this    --Rontana

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Always liked this BT. Your vocals sound good, and the bluesy tone of the harp brings it all together    --Rontana

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Some nice chord patterns and high-end work. Sounding good    --Rontana

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    I really like the way you did this in 3rd. The minor feel meshes well with the BT    --Rontana

Rontana's "Slow Breath". .    A slow breath of fresh air. Created a theme and carried on throughout with an accent here and there.    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    What a beautiful combination, the whistle and harp. Too much to say and not enough words to describe it.    --Ringer

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    Welcome back BIG. Sounding really sweet. You have mastered the tone nicely.    --Ringer

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    Good sound on that amp. Nice tongue blocking and note bleeds gave good crunch.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Slow Effin Blues". .    That was among your best ones, nice top end work etc. And the harp/whistling conversation was a very good idea and worked well in practice too.    --Frosty

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Excellent!    --Frosty

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Hey Ed....long time man. Hope you're as good as your vibrato...wtf...did you eat a vibrato machine :) Goede!!    --Lips Angelo

Windsaver's "Slow Effin Blues". .    Wow you got some nice vibrato. You did a nice connection with the expression of the BT. Mic be damned!!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Very nice. Like the lyrics and the mood. You've got the magic touch.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Well executed but as Mike said it might be "a little long in the tooth." There is certain phrasing that you always play that lets me know it's you playing. Very easily identifiable. Not sure if that is good or bad.    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    I like the vibe, I like the lyrics and the harp tops it off.    --Ringer

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    You're developing a signature sound/style Veijo. Smooth and easy. Would've liked a bit more variation.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    Good one Sander. Something a little different. Vocals nice and clear too :)    --Lips Angelo

Blue In Green's "ESP Blues". .    so good to hear you again! - nice tone out of that combo rig - love the bleeds you throw in there - melody lines interesting and kept my attention - yeah!!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Nice full tone Sander - your vocals are always a favourite of mine - you harp playing sure has come a long way - solid stuff!!    --htrain

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Good for you to get back to the chrome Dan - you nailed some cool melody lines and used the full 12 holes 0 chord work at about 1:00 very nice compliment to single note play - good one!    --htrain

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    subtitled - 'chrom under control' - nice easy flow to this Veijo with pretty melody lines and your consistent tone - nice!    --htrain

Frosty's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    Strong play with feeling , always a treat !!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Gimme Back My Quiro". .    can hear the joy in your playing very good !!!    --floppy lips

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    Melodic and calming...good playing!    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    Excellent vocals, harp was also nice, only one note I would correct.    --Frosty

Ringer's "Easy, Baby". .    Keep on trying, you will get them! Hole 2 whole step bend, hole 3 half step bend and hole 4 half step bend will get you in to the blues.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    Like that wake up calls@@@ v34y authenitk    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Easy, Baby". .    Yeah!! You've come a long way Dan - sounding good on harp and vocals - some imaginative licks!    --htrain

Frosty's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Good to hear your playing Veijo to remind me of how well you play! Sure have that tone dialled in!! Nice    --htrain

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    Still showing your imagination and different way of interpreting the BT's Sander!    --htrain

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    Ahh Mike - still the imaginative lyrics and wicked tone! Sounding great Mike    --htrain

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    Sweet and expressive!    --htrain

floppy lips's "Dumble Blues". .    Cool stuff with nice fat tone!!    --htrain

Ringer's "Easy, Baby". .    try to keep your tone small butt round    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Easy, Baby". .    always a treat to hear you onthatthing while you sing , i enjoy. right on!!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "Her Friend from Bayamo". .    Wauw amzaing notes well over, cant say nothing about technigue and proverse     --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Dumble Blues". .    The whole package Sander. Guten Bluesin' :)    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "Easy Jazz in C". .    Very well played, and I particularly liked the stretch from 1:33 to 1:50. That was flat-out cool    --Rontana

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    sweet melodic playing!    --BlueInGreen

Frosty's "Easy Jazz in C". .    A challenging track that you handled just fine. I cringe thinking of following that :)    --Lips Angelo

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    beautifull theme and great atmosphere very sweet!!    --floppy lips

floppy lips's "Dumble Blues". .    Man, I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Harp sounds great, made me feel like I was in a Louisiana road house. Vocals were good too    --Rontana

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    Hey guys...thanks. Second solo was just woodshedding some ideas...trying out different stuff. Glad y'all liked the first one. I hear you on the vocals too Beelz.    --Lips Angelo

floppy lips's "Dumble Blues". .    Much better than Dylan for sure. They just flow out of you.    --Ringer

Blue In Green's "Last El Stop Blues". .    Short but sweet. You do the chrome proud.    --Ringer

BeelzeBob's "Dude in da Know". .    I don't find this boring at all. You could have wandered a bit but it didn't need it to be a fine production.    --Ringer

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    Simple but very beautiful.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    The first harp solo was one of your best ones. The second was not so good, but the high stuff at 2:33-2:36 was killer, just great.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    A couple of not so well chosen notes with harp, but very moody like Bob said.    --Frosty

floppy lips's "Loopsy". .    Great moody piece, Ima gonna drop some blotter right about now.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    I like this darker singing voice, I'd say stick with it. First harp solo was killer. Killer. The second was a mess, maybe part of the ESP idea??    --BeelzeBob

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    Great treatment, love the simmer you gave to the big parts (0:37 for one), a really good ST here.    --BeelzeBob

floppy lips's "Dumble Blues". .    The Dutch Dylan of the blues, love that mournful thang.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "Easy Jazz in C". .    A long overdue move for you, this ST is promising and I can't wait to hear you on chrom in a year or so.    --BeelzeBob

Blue In Green's "Last El Stop Blues". .    I love that sound! Hank and others say the DT is a bit clean, but I love it. F chrom? Sounds great!    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Ray, What Did You Say?". .    Pretty good, Dan. You certainly did play some blue notes, 4 blow and 4 draw are blues scale. So are 5 draw and 6 blow, think I heard those, too. But 3 draw half bend has the most magic.    --BeelzeBob

Lips Angelo's "ESP Blues". .    You've got a fantastic tone    --Rontana

Frosty's "Easy Jazz in C". .    Nice to hear something in 1st. Many folks (self included)stick to closely to 2nd and 3rd. It's easy to forget that 1st has much to offer    --Rontana

BeelzeBob's "Dude in da Know". .    Not boring at all (as you stated in your description). I found it very clean and melodic.    --Rontana

Ringer's "Ray, What Did You Say?". .    Cool . . . that clean warble at around 1:30 fit in very well    --Rontana

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Liked your high-end run around 1:20. Some nice patterns throughout    --Rontana

Frosty's "Easy Jazz in C". .    Chrome is coming along. Nothing fancy here but direct and to the point.    --Ringer

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    Welcome back. You did a superb on this backing track. 2nd position but you kept it Irish.    --Ringer

Rontana's "Celtic Clarity". .    celtic clarity??? This sure had a lot of deep south feel to it. Missouri river must run through your front yard. Well played.    --wyred

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Hey man....great to hear you again. I was wondering recently if you or Brett would post again. Great tone, intonation and playing. Vibrato was sweeeeeet. Don't be a stranger man....we've missed you.    --Lips Angelo

Frosty's "That Funny Gal of Mine". .    Nice and chill playing Veijo.    --Lips Angelo

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    awsome playing , play on!!    --floppy lips

Frosty's "That Funny Gal of Mine". .    very relaxing cool stuff , sweet melody!!    --floppy lips

BeelzeBob's "Dude in da Know". .    That was a good vibe you spilt over this song great sound too , love it !!    --floppy lips

Ringer's "Ray, What Did You Say?". .    Nice rhythm practice.    --Frosty

BeelzeBob's "Dude in da Know". .    I liked that lazy feeling. Good harp sound.    --Frosty

Blue In Green's "Last El Stop Blues". .    Great sound.    --Frosty

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    Very nice Veijo. I've been goofing around with mine but not nearly as fluid as you. Keep em coming    --Lips Angelo

BeelzeBob's "Dude in da Know". .    has a nice lazy feel; maybe could wander about a little more but good one.    --Blue In Green

Ringer's "Ray, What Did You Say?". .    I think you did do much better following the chord progression on this one. Nice playing!    --Blue In Green

Frosty's "That Funny Gal of Mine". .    Very pretty indeed! I have a 270 but in a different key. Love playing it.    --Blue In Green

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Nice relaxing blues feeling.    --Frosty

Lips Angelo's "Easy, Baby". .    You destroyed it, best ST of the jam so far IMHO! Great harp, fit to the BT was amazing.    --BeelzeBob

Ringer's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Love the song and singing, burn it and ship it and wait for the royalties! Harp could use more notes from the blues scale, it's as simple as that for you to reach the next level.    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    Good start to chromatic. Doesn't sound like you are in the tonal center to my ears, but I've been wrong many times. (Wish I had a music ear.)    --BeelzeBob

Frosty's "That Funny Gal of Mine". .    Love the melodic invention on the chorus! Glad you bought a 270 with the Chrometta. Try sticking with minor pentatonic on this, see what you think. Wish Ed were here. We'll get there, little by little!    --BeelzeBob

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Hey BiG, great job, I heard both. You've made huge progress on the OBs, I was knocked out! Did you ever see Tinus' vid where Bonfiglio says his intonation is terrible? That's how hard it is to get OBs right. Stellar woodshedding, keep it up!!    --BeelzeBob

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Now that was beautiful!! That's the Blue in Green I remember. But it won't hurt to keep pushing those overblows on the table after you're more comfortable with them.    --Ringer

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Thanks for clarify. To my ears it didn't sound like the quality I'm use to hearing from you. I thought maybe something was wrong so I was reluctant to comment. I can't overblow to save my soul!! So it was a good effort. Welcome back!!    --Ringer

Blue In Green's "Blue Light Red Light". .    I'm not crazy about parts of this but am getting closer to integrating overbends into my acoustic playing. There are lots of them here - some are better integrated than others.    --Blue In Green

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    Great first effort on the chromatic. Doesn't sound very bluesy but not sure why since it is a C chrom and music is in D    --Blue In Green

Ringer's "Blue Light Red Light". .    Great vocals/lyrics well framed by the harp playing. Nice one.    --Blue In Green

Lips Angelo's "Easy, Baby". .    Enjoyed that Mike! Way better than what I myself recorded for this one.    --Blue In Green

floppy lips's "Door to Door Blues". .    Nice relaxed feel and the harp drives the song along well. Enjoyed it.    --Blue In Green

Frosty's "D for Dallas". .    You seem to have conquered the chromatic on your first try!!    --Ringer

Lips Angelo's "Easy, Baby". .    A multi talented sensation!!    --Ringer

floppy lips's "Door to Door Blues". .    That's the real deal. loved the intro. The whole composition was well done.    --Ringer

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