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        Rick Rick Welcome to the Online Jam! I have been running the harmonica jam online since 2001. This is a practice and learning site. We focus on harmonica, and on any instruments that can be used to make backing tracks. The goal is to make practice fun since you can immediately share your music with other people.        

        A little about myself         I have played off and on since I was 16. My early instrument choices were driven a lot by cost. I used to play a pretty mean Jews Harp. I next progressed to a Hohner harmonica which cost about $5 at the time. That was the Cadillac of instruments for me. In college I tried to learn piano and guitar but I was a terrible self teacher. I remember spending hours practicing piano while reading a book. I thought music was purely a motor skill and I could save time and do two things at once. I actually learned to play a couple of complex songs that way, Beale Street Blues comes to mind. But it was not much of a learning strategy. At any rate, I did eventually become a pretty good guitar strummer, although everything I did was a variation of one particular strum. But man, I had that strum down! I put my trusty harmonica in a rack and it was like playing piano again, doing two things at once. I wrote a bunch of bad music. When the internet hit, I decided to blend my musical and programming interests and create a web site. After quite a few incarnations and language changes, here we are!


        Solo 1
        ''Thank you again Rick and Bob!''

        Dangerous Pickup Lines
        ''This song contains my advice for the younger generation. Your welcome.''

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